Once you have installed WordPress, you have two options for logging into your site to administer it. This will give you access to manage your installed applications, backups and file transfers.

  • Go to domains.stanford.edu/dashboard.Under Applications, click on the My Apps icon to display the link wp-admin for your site.
  • Go to  yoursite.su.domains>/wp-admin/. If you have a different subdomain like yoursite.su.domains/site2 or custom domains mysite.stanford.edu or mysite.stanford.edu/site3, you just simply add “/wp-admin/” to the end.

Note: From your WordPress dashboard, you can add additional users with a specific role to help manage your site. While we recommend you enable SSO in WordPress plug-in,regardless of the plug-in, wordpress users will need to go to <site>/wp-admin/ to log on.

For both processes above, you’ll be taken to Stanford’s authentication if you’re not already authenticated.