While Stanford is providing the infrastructure to allow students, faculty and staff to create personal domains, Stanford does not routinely monitor web pages and does not assume responsibility for content. Stanford reserves the right to monitor any site hosted within su.Domains and if found in violation of any policy below, lock the site. The authors of websites are responsible for all content on their sites.  

Please see more governance policy information in :

In addition to above Stanford University wide standards, Stanford Domains users agree to the following ‘Terms of Service’:

  • All sites on su.domains must be linked to an ‘active’ Stanford University email address.
  • For most sites on su.domains, email should be ‘<sunetid>@stanford.edu’
  • All sites will be verified yearly via the associated Stanford email address:
    •  Sites NOT repling to the yearly email will have will be locked.
    • Users can submit Service Request to have their site unlocked
    • After sites have been locked for 3 months, they will be removed from su.domains