This platform is intended for low-risk data defined by Stanford’s Information Security Office (ISO). You should NOT store any data other than low risk data. Medium and High-Risk data is not allowed on this platform. Please be familiar with Stanford Security and Usage policies.

Even with low-risk data, please consider the following best practices when hosting your website: 

  • Link your protected document in google doc with appropriate permission.
  • Don’t publish your zoom link without using additional zoom security features such as Only authenticated users can join the meetings and Waiting room and admit them individually.
  • Don’t use a common username such admin, administrator, root as your login accounts
  • Enable “Limit the rate Login Attempts” to stop some malicious activities.
    (installed by default in new WordPress sites)
    Limit Login Attempts plugin
  • Use the long password 16+ characters containing alpha, numeric, and special characters.
  • Enable Comment Filtering plugins (ie., Akismet) and comments must be moderated to avoid spam.
    (installed by default in new WordPress sites)
    Akismet Anit-Spam plugin
  • Use ReCAPTCHA in online submission forms is to prevent spam and abuse from entering the site.