Stanford Domains does not manage Stanford “vanity” URLs (e.g., but provides a location to host your site, the default is a subdomain on (e.g.

There are two ways to simplify the url to you new Stanford Domains site.

  • You can request a new vanity URL through Web Virtual Host requests, which are, available only to departments, research groups, and university-recognized student organizations. Once users are redirected to your site on Stanford Domains, the url will display
  • To have a real Stanford subdomain for your site, use the Add-On domain functionality in Stanford Domains by following the below process which will make your site reachable via <yourname> ( and also displayed when visitors land on your site.
    • Search to lookup your chosen name ( to insure it’s available.
    • From your account in Stanford Domains on the tools page, select “Add-on Domain” and enter your “” (
    • Place a Stanford Domains Service request to have your Add-on domain added to Stanford’s DNS (domain name system). This must fully completed first before proceeding to the next step.
    • Build site (
    • Confirm your site (
      See step by step guide here.