“Stanford Domains” (su.domains) is a cloud based web hosting platform supported both by Stanford’s University IT and our cloud vendor. The platform provide each user with an industry standard cPanel which allows them to install different Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Drupal, Omeka and many more.

Image of generic cPanel

While the platform is supported by Stanford Domains Support locally at Stanford, we’re backed by our cloud vendor who provides support for the platform. User supports the development and maintenance of their own website(s) within their cPanel. While most patches are pushed out by cPanel, clients must insure their CMS and other applications, plug-ins, and themes are patch to prevent security vulnerabilities. Stanford Domains use policy is available to prepare and guide users with their site experience.

Users are permitted one cPanel and are provided 1gb of quota as this is a web hosting platform, datasets, spreadsheets and pdf files should be stored on a shared drive elsewhere a linked in the web content.

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