Jonathan Quick: Medieval English Books

This website serves primarily as a teaching and research showcase of my academic profile. The first thing that I want visitors to see is my brief “About Me” which explains the other tabs/pages on the site. Of course, there is a more fully detailed “CV” page, but I follow this with a page on one of my research projects on medieval manuscript movement (“Timeline” &”Maps”). Lastly, and still under construction, I plan on showcasing courses of my own design to highlight my experience/philosophy as an instructor.

I’ve been considering purchasing my own domain name for a while (unfortunately, there’s another & more famous ‘Jonathan D. Quick’ out there–so most of the regular .whatevers were taken). When SU Domains was presented to me, it struck me as an opportunity to sandbox a personal website without having to make the plunge of purchasing my own domain at this particular moment of my professional career (i.e. living on a graduate student’s budget). The “” URL seems much more sleek than a “” AND there are resources and personnel available to me through VPTL.

Take a look at Jonathan’s site.