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AddOn Domains VS Subdomains

Subdomain is something that is part of your main domain. When you joined Stanford Domain, you selected a domain (ie. profx.su.domains). This is your main domain. If you want to create websites for econ101.profx.su.domains, econ201.profx.su.domains, etc., you can login to the cPanel to create these subdomains. Note that you don’t have to create subdomains to […]

WordPress Plugin

Plugins extend your site’s functionality with things like contact forms, eCommerce, Image Gallery, Backup, and much more. That means they have deep access to your site, so it’s vital to keep them up to date (as well as your WordPress version). Installing WP plugin takes only a minute or so. Here are the basic steps: […]

Cloning your existing WordPress website

If you ever need a test/dev WordPress (WP) website, you can create it very easily by using clone feature in cPanel. For example, you already have a WP website up and running called https://myworld.su.domains. It works great and everybody loves it. However, you want to give them a fresh look and will take a week […]

Install WordPress Step-by-Step guide

If you are new to Stanford Domains, please review Getting Started as a New User to Stanford Domains. After you obtain a domain on Stanford Domains, you can install WordPress. Here are step-by-step directions for installing WordPress on Stanford Domains. Step 1: Log in to the Stanford Domains dashboard with your SunetID and password (Stanford […]

Is Stanford Domains hosting FERPA compliant?

Because the su.Domains server is a shared server, you should not store any FERPA/HIPAA information, such as grades, on your site. You may be at risk of violating FERPA/HIPAA if you do store FERPA/HIPAA information.  su.Domains allows only Low Risk data (See data classification from our ISO office).

How to add a second sub-domain on su.domains?

When you join Stanford Domains, you will be asked to pick a domain (ie., profX.su.domains). You will then to be able to have unlimited websites such as class101.profX.su.domains, class201.profX.su.domains by using SubDomain icon on your cPanel. If you have a need to have a second subdomain.su.domains, you would need to log a ServiceNow service ticket. […]

Can my team members manage my website content?

When you create your website, you are the only one who can add, update, delete the content of your website. However, you can add another user to manage your contents (Contributor, Editor, Administrator roles). Here are the basic steps: Login to your dashboard with your SunetID. Go to Users, then Add New button to create […]