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SU.Domains Annual Audit Guide

Category: cPanel

SU.Domains Annual Audit Guide

Each year Stanford Domains web hosting platform ( conducts a yearly audit on all cPanels accounts. These instructions cover the basics on complete the annual audit which can be done early if you’re going on vacation.  See “Stanford Domains Governance Policy” for more information.

Point your browser to the SU.Domains Annual Audit application at “” where you’ll be presented with a list of domains associated with your email address.

  • Mark cPanel(s) you’re still using and want to keep as ‘Keep
  • Mark the cPanels you no longer need as “Delete”
  • Save the form with the ‘Red’ “Save” button.

If you have marked any cPanels to be deleted or you do NOT respond to the audit emails and complete the audit form, your cpanel will be locked. It will remain locked for 3 months and then will be deleted. If you need to get you cpanel unlocked, please place a ServiceNow SU.Domains Support Request  and include the full cpanel name within 3 months of the Audit Close date listed at

If you placed a ServiceNow SU.Domains Support Request to have your domain dropped, you’ll receive a confirmation ticket when dropped in 3 months.  If you change your mind, just reply to the ticket and indicate that the cpanel should be re-activated.