If you ever need a test/dev WordPress (WP) website, you can create it very easily by using clone feature in cPanel. For example, you already have a WP website up and running called https://myworld.su.domains. It works great and everybody loves it. However, you want to give them a fresh look and will take a week or so to make all the layout change. Obviously, you don’t want to do this change on your live production site. You want to have a development website, called https://dev.myworld.su.domains, with the same content of the production to start with. Here are the steps you need to do:

  • Create a new sub-domains called dev.myworld.su.domain.
  • Click on My Apps and find your myworld.su.domain and click on the clone button.

Create a Development sub-domain


Clone the WebSite

Step 1: Click on My App to see your existing website

Step 2: Locate the website you want to clone (source) and click on Clone Button.

Step 3: Select the sub-domain that you created in previous steps.

Step 4: The clone is done. You now can access check-out your new website. It should be exactly the same as your production website.