WordPress (WP) is a content management system (CMS) written in PHP that uses a MySQL database. In non technical speak, WordPress is one of the easiest blogging and website builder in existence today.

Here are a few YouTube links to help you getting started:

  • https://wordpress.com/support/video-tutorials/
  • https://youtu.be/QU8GFqvXRxE ( Getting started on WordPress)

We have created two simple WordPress templates to use for your classes. You can select one of these theme during your WordPress installation. If you found another nice layout/designed website hosted on the Stanford Domains and would like to use, we can help you to accomplish that.

Here are a few example of websites created on su.domains by Stanford Community Users:

  • https://demo.su.domains/optimizer-v1 ( coursework demo template)
  • https://demo.su.domains/lagunita (coursework demo template)
  • https://demo.su.domains/twenty17-v1 (coursework demo template)
  • https://demo.su.domains/hestia-v1 (coursework demo template)
  • https://demo.su.domains/formbuilder (WPress form demo)
  • https://suppra.su.domains
  • https://pwr2rhetoricofcomics.su.domains
  • https://cycling.su.domains
  • https:/zialab.stanford.edu (recently migrated from WP on AFS to Stanford Domain)
  • https://designingai.stanford.edu
  • https://rethinkingpurpose.su.domains/
  • https://equitybydesignlab.su.domains/
  • https://earthresearchsymposium.su.domains

When you are ready to explore WordPress, please check out “Install WordPress step-by-step guide” article.