There are two ways to simplify the URL for your Stanford Domains site: Setup a vanity URL or create a subdomain.

Request a vanity URL through the Web Virtual Host. Vanity URLs are only available to departments, research groups, and university-recognized student organizations. Once users are redirected to your site on Stanford Domains, the URL will display

Create a Stanford subdomain for your site using the Add-On domain functionality in Stanford Domains. This will make your site reachable via <yourname> ( and it will continue to display the domain name when visitors browse your site.

Follow these steps to configure your subdomain:

  • Search to look up your chosen name ( to ensure it’s available.
  • From your account in Stanford Domains on the tools page, select Add-on Domain and enter your (
  • Place a Stanford Domains Service request to have your domain added to Stanford’s DNS (Domain Name System). This must be fully completed before proceeding to the next step.
  • Build site (
  • Confirm your site (

See the step-by-step guide for more information about configuring custom in Stanford Domains.

See Vanity URL service