Plugins extend your site’s functionality with things like contact forms, eCommerce, Image Gallery, Backup, and much more. That means they have deep access to your site, so it’s vital to keep them up to date (as well as your WordPress version).

Installing WP plugin takes only a minute or so. Here are the basic steps:

  • From the WordPress dashboard, Click on Plugin (left side menu)
  • Click “Add New” button on.
  • Enter the plugin name on “Search Plugins” box and hit enter key.
  • Find the desired plugin icon and click on “Install” button (take about 10-15 seconds to complete).
  • Click on “Activate” button.

Here are a few useful plugins you may need to spice up your website:

  • Backup – All-In-One WP migration
  • Form – WP form, Ninja Form, C7 Contact Form
  • Image Gallery – Meo Gallery, CoBlocks Gallery, NextGen Gallery.