In January 2021, the ftp protocol was disabled since it exposes the password in clear text and didn’t meet Stanford Security standards.

FTPS (secure) protocol is still available to be used to transfer files to/from your website.

Desktop Clients

  • Stanford’s ESS Supported software Vandyke SecureFTP (Windows) and Fetch (Mac)  are ftps compatible
  • Common applications like FileZila, Cyberduck, support ftps protocol and are available for both Mac and PC platforms
  • Linux platforms command line should use ftpl

Safe and secure computing helps to prevent problems later.

Information and Setups for FTPS Clients

To setup and manage FTPS users in your cpanel, use the “User Manager” widget or the user-management-icon on the left side of your cpanel. This is were you can change privileges and drop user access when needed. Users setup here will need to use the FTPS protocol.

Accessing from a Mac with Cyberduck,
select the connection type “FTP-SSL (Explicit AUTH TLS)”.

Server :
Username : <username>@<primarydomain> (for example:
Password: set/reset via the User Management widget on cpanel.

Accessing from a Windows with SecureFTP,
select Connection : “File Transfer” (protocol) “FTP/TLS (explicit)”

Enter FTP (Logon) info:
Hostname :
Confirm port 21
Username :<username>@<primarydomain>
Password : as manage in User Management

Set TLS Options
Advanced select “Disable certificate validation

To use SSH or SCP, see our article on SSH Connections