There are some interesting possibility for workgroup integration using plug-ins. This is very early post as we just started doing investigation in this area (8-Jun-2021).

There probably many different possibilities, but we took a quick peak at two.

  • In conjunction with “OneLogin SAML SSo” (currently described in our SSO support doc) , “Advance Access Manager” plugin could be used and is very flexible with the base version free.  It would help you define additional roles which you could then use in WordPress with the “OneLogin SAML SSo” to map to workgroup(s). It takes quite a bit more configuration, but looks promising.
  • “SAML Single Sign On – SAML SSO Login” ( used in conjunction with their Advanced Role Mapping user plugin provides similar features.

Both require an SP (Service Provider) IDP with elevated privileges which would show Stanford Workgroup privs in the SSO reply document when logging in.  Both provide the ability to create new roles for which WordPress is aware.

Please stay tuned as we complete user documentation and provide example.