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Introduction to cPanel

Category: cPanel

Your web hosting account on is managed through a control panel interface called cPanel. cPanel is an industry-standard tool for managing your domain and hosting account on Stanford Domains (your slice of the server). Using this tool, you can do all kinds of things with your web space including the following:

  • install/delete web applications
  • view and manage files in your space
  • create/remove subdomains
  • create and configure FTP accounts (see FTPS protocol discussion)
  • review access logs for your site
  • manually manage and configure database

To access your cPanel, go to and login with your SUNetID and password. Your website’s cPanel will automatically display after you login.

The cPanel interface is divided into sections, making it easy to locate the different tools and services available to you.

Many of the tutorials on this site walk you through particular tasks in cPanel.

cpanel generic

Managing your web site under your cPanel is normally done via the web content application you’ve installed. If others are helping you manage content within your website, you can add them as a user with roles provided by the application (WordPress, Drupal, Omeka, etc.) within that application.

Normally access to the cPanel is very limited and sharing is discouraged unless required by your situation. Once a cPanel is shared, the other user(s) become a co-owner and can do anything you can do including:

  • add/removing domain or subdomains
  • adding/deleting or overwriting an application
    (for example deleting a WordPress application instance)
  • requesting the cPanel account be deleted altogether

If providing edit access to your application(s) is not sufficient for your situation and you need to make another person a co-owner of your cpanel, please log a ServiceNow support ticket for assistance and include the your “Primay Domain” (see pic above) and include the person’s Name and SUNetID.